I’m not sure what I spent my time on so far this year, but I just noticed it was NOT posting on my website! January 1st? It couldn’t have been that long ago…! But the internet NEVER lies. My life must be awfully barren… like this bleak landscape

4-18-15 peony w bgYet what if I take a closer look? Actually I could tell the landscape was alive, just not with anything I could recognize or want to get too close to. This was a weed if ever I saw one. Something I wouldn’t want to eat and risk dying from some mysterious plant poison or even touch and get a rash that could eat off my flesh.

It took my COURAGEOUS curiosity to take that closer look. I’ve heard of enough things lately far more dangerous than a stationary growth in my backyard to know I couldn’t be too careful wherever I was or not expect the worst from whatever I saw no matter how insignificant or innocent it might appear. Sort of like my seemingly lackluster activities so far in 2015, though I’m certain I’ve been busy. Something to reflect a bit closer on too I suppose before I instantly make negative judgments.

Oh my, what a discovery! Beautiful and rare, generating envy from those who4-17-15 NATIVE brown peony¬†have enough experience to know what things truly are. It’s a native Brown Peony. It can’t be cultivated or mass-produced. It grows and blossoms when, where, and exactly how it knows to…¬†just like me… and you.

PS: Take a closer look. See its little buds ready to open and amaze!

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