Linda Viviane Lester is a self employed writer focusing on Courage and facing Change for all ages. She has authored Blossom,  A Flower’s Journey and is currently developing two other books for publication …

No More Daughters, a novel spanning over 100 years and six generations and The Cloud Who Changed Forever, a book of encouragement for dreamers of all ages.


I’m not sure what I spent my time on so far this year, but I just noticed it was NOT posting on my website! January 1st? It couldn’t have been that long ago…! But the internet NEVER lies. My life must be awfully barren… like this bleak landscape

4-18-15 peony w bgYet what if I take a closer look? Actually I could tell the landscape was alive, just not with anything I could recognize or want to get too close to. This was a weed if ever I saw one. Something I wouldn’t want to eat and risk dying from some mysterious plant poison or even touch and get a rash that could eat off my flesh.

It took my COURAGEOUS curiosity to take that closer look. I’ve heard of enough things lately far more dangerous than a stationary growth in my backyard to know I couldn’t be too careful wherever I was or not expect the worst from whatever I saw no matter how insignificant or innocent it might appear. Sort of like my seemingly lackluster activities so far in 2015, though I’m certain I’ve been busy. Something to reflect a bit closer on too I suppose before I instantly make negative judgments.

Oh my, what a discovery! Beautiful and rare, generating envy from those who4-17-15 NATIVE brown peony have enough experience to know what things truly are. It’s a native Brown Peony. It can’t be cultivated or mass-produced. It grows and blossoms when, where, and exactly how it knows to… just like me… and you.

PS: Take a closer look. See its little buds ready to open and amaze!


Billy Heaven

That’s right, you decided what it means. You decide what it shows, what it communicates.

I love this picture. Every time I look at it, a new word pops into my head and I relate to what I see in it in a brand new way. Pictures, like words are important, especially when they appear separate and apart. Without other distractions they can convey a distinct yet different emotion with each viewing, whether by different people or by the same person seeing it over and over again.

The first time I saw this picture words did not enter my mind. The emotions I felt could not be labeled. I think what I was feeling was awe. I looked again and then again, and then the words began to come. Happiness, nature, freedom, beauty, purity, exhilaration, celebration, gratitude, wonder, thrill, delight, blessed, bliss. The first time I looked at this picture the last word that came into my mind to describe what it meant to me was GIFT.

You see, the person that you can’t really identify in this picture is my younger brother, and he passed away unexpectedly this November. His life was a difficult one, filled with challenges, and I believed a lot of sorrow and disappointment. Right after his death I spoke with his best friend and asked him if he had a recent picture of my brother since mine were pretty old. He said he’d look. I said I would appreciate whatever he could find.

A week later when he handed me this photo I suppose the truth is that a feeling did immediately come to me – SHOCK! It was after the shock passed that words and feelings flooded me then and continue to each time I look at this picture. Sometimes my reaction is one I’ve already had and sometimes a new word or feeling emerges, but the one that continues to occur every time I see or think of it now is GIFT.

What I was given was not a photograph. I received the gift of confirmation that at least for one moment my brother was filled with indescribable joy. This gift will live in my heart and my life, with my memories of him, forever. Now it’s your gift too and the person experiencing this ECSTASY can be you.

Happy New Year!

Autumn’s Rainbow Nymph

Where did summer go? The better question is what were BLOSSOM and I doing all summer? It obviously wasn’t writing. Since my last post w-a-y back on The 4th of July, I thought I was busy, though I couldn’t prove it. I set writing goals. My deadlines came and went. I had great new blog ideas ready to crank out. At this moment I can’t remember any of them. I suppose I just wasn’t inspired enough, so BLOSSOM had no alternative but to go dormant for the season too.

Being a Master Gardener I know that’s not the time to slack off. Summer is the time for planting, pruning, and popping. Time for growth and major change. And that’s what happened, just without my participation. Not only did my writing stop, but so did my gardening. It’s a good thing Mother Nature didn’t wait around for me to give her a hand. She POPPED up everywhere without any help from me. I was aware enough to notice the changes and I did marvel at all HER energy. I just didn’t have any of my own or as I often told myself, “I didn’t find the perfect idea today.” Not an idea to put on paper or flower to cut or weed to pull. Now that’s pretty barren!

I felt like I did years ago when I first got the idea for BLOSSOM. I was at a low point in my life then. It was February and I sat alone in a mountain cabin at 10,000 feet looking out at nothing but a barren cold white landscape. I thought, “In a few months this lifeless scene will be a green meadow covered with every color of wildflower imaginable. It will be filled with birds and critters and amazing sounds, smells, and activity. How does Mother Nature do that, and since SHE does it for the wild world would she do it for me?” Life eventually returned to the mountain and to me and BLOSSOM was a new part of that returning life.

That’s how I felt this summer, except instead of lifelessness, I was surrounded by an explosion of life, none of which I had a hand in, at least not this summer. Maybe Mother Nature was trying to show me what is possible. Flowers grew in abundance where they’d never been before. Hummingbirds appeared in greater numbers and butterflies fluttered everywhere. As summer came to an end I realized I’d seen an example of how life goes on whether I decide to be part of it or not.

That realization still wasn’t enough motivation. What was I waiting for? Why the Autumn Rainbow Nymph of course!

morning rainbow girl 11-13-14 shadow correct 4 WP My landscape had turned brown and the overcast sky yielded neither rain nor snow. Inspiration was still rare. Then I woke up, LITERALLY. My bedroom window faces the mountains and a deep green forest.  One morning when I opened my eyes, right in the middle of that view I saw a rainbow. It was coming out of the trees so close I thought I could touch it. I raced for my iPhone to document the sight before it vanished, then raced outside to get a clearer photo and better viewpoint. And there she was – right at the base of the rainbow! Talk about “a pot of gold”. This image is more than a “sign” to me. It’s a “blessing”. With her star wand christening the changing season with a rainbow, I SAW and FELT a change in the air and in ME. What grows and BLOSSOMs in the winter? I DO. Keep reading my blogs and see me bloom like a Christmas Cactus!

BLOSSOM – An OFFICIAL Spirited Woman!

official Spirited Woman Top 12 book pick list small

Today, BLOSSOM, A Flower’s Journey was picked as one of Spirited Woman’s Top 12 Spring Equinox Book Picks. Just as exciting for me is this happened on BLOSSOM’s birthday. My picture book focusing on courage when facing change, launched one year ago on the 2013 Spring Equinox. What a wonderful 1st year gift! Visit BLOSSOM and the 11 other wonderful Spirited Woman books on their link.

2012 BACK w BLOSSOM crop flatten RGBThis Spring Equinox will be BLOSSOM’s 1st birthday and with it comes a BIG birthday present! BLOSSOM will be included in Spirited Woman’s Top 12 Spring Book Pick List. Here’s a preview of the description you’ll find March 21st when you visit www.thespiritedwoman.com:

BLOSSOM, A FLOWER’S JOURNEY is written for everyone ever frightened by change. This full-color picture book appeals to children and adults alike. Children learn to look forward to new experiences, not fear them. Adults recognize the opportunities change offers. Blossom’s journey teaches how every change can result in growth that ultimately adds to the joy and purpose of life.

The front book cover will be displayed instead of the back cover shown here. If you have any other suggestions for changes to my 60 word limit promo, please send me a comment and let me know – BEFORE March 12th. Thanks and keep BLOSSOMing!

Look where BLOSSOM and I were recently. My first reading with wonderful 2nd-graders! They understood change, courage, blossoming to improve the world, AND asked if I was writing another book! I love kids!



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    • Every 2-year old grandchild needs a signed copy of Blossom – So they don’t wind up afraid of change like their parents and grandparents. Since we’re so close I’ll be in touch and I can personally deliver a copy for Amelie. Linda

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